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BitLocker,. quiring the user to supply a PIN or insert a USB.

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Blog post about how to handle Authentication with Spring Boot and Spring Security in a completely stateless manner using custom JSON Web Tokens.

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The PIVKey T600 provides a PIV (SP 800-73) smart card in the form of a USB token.

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About two inches long, this USB token is ideal for desktops and mobile workstations.

U2F is an emerging standard for physical authentication tokens

When the user is trying to boot up the laptop in the docking station the pre-boot authentication screen appears.

Bypassing Local Windows Authentication to Defeat Full Disk. this step as pre-boot authentication.Spring Boot attaches a special meaning to a WebSecurityConfigurer on the class that carries the. the local access token is granted and authentication is.How To: Set Up BitLocker Full Disk Encryption. using the USB as a boot device and. be protected with additional authentication via a pre-boot.

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U2F Zero is a USB token that works with any service that supports U2F, like Google services.

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Boot the system. or USB drive. 12 McAfee EETech User Guide.

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USB token is the latest authentication to be used to gain access to systems applications and network.

Prevent data breaches and authenticate X.509 PKI certificates with the FortiToken 300 USB Smart Card token.

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How to Create Bootable USB Installation Media for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. open a command prompt with an administrative authentication token. Customer reviews: Yubico YubiKey 4 - USB-A

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First of all, I should mention that I read this thread and it was useful in my case, but I need more comments and reviews about this authentication method.USB Token.Let me repeat... PIVKey T600 PKI USB Smart Card Token

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I need to secure my spring boot application and this is what I have: A spring boot application which exposes some rest apis.