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A keychain, key fob or key ring is a small chain, usually made from metal or plastic, that connects a small item to a keyring.A key fob is a small, programmable hardware device that provides the key fob holder with access to a physical object.English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options.

If you have a non-zero token balance AND you have a non-zero ether balance,.

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Security Token Security Token Security Token Security Token Class Definition. Represents a security token that is based upon key that is created using the RSA.

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Advertisement. Which technology creates a security token that allows a user to log in to a desired web.

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A security token is a physical device used to gain access to an. the computer OS will then either read the key from token and perform cryptographic.RSA SecurID Software Token Security Best Practices. configure the use of the dictionary to prevent the use. when software tokens are issued as fob-style.

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Choose between two hardware token models: RSA SecurID 700 and RSA SecurID 800.The purpose is to take inventory of what key fobs are still used and which key fobs have been misplaced.

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Looking to do away with the manual entering of passwords, the GateKeeper Chain is a key fob with a built-in proximity sensor, automatically locking your PC when you.

Some types of key fobs require physical contact to grant access to the object in question, while other types of key fob can grant access wirelessly.

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The Square Enix Security Token is a small device that fits on a keychain which is used to provide additional security for your Square Enix Account by providing an.

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Define lock. lock synonyms, lock pronunciation, lock translation, English dictionary definition of lock. n. 1. A device operated by a key, combination, or keycard and used, as on a door, for holding, closing, or securing. 2. A section of a waterway, such as a.

A key fob may also be referred to as a hardware token or security token.

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